Balmoral Residence

Balmoral, NSW
The Grove 003

This residence was Daniel Boddam’s former family home that was purchased by our dear clients. The existing house had a Mediterranean feel which Daniel grew up with and he wanted the new residence to continue in this spirit. The design took on a Mediterranean, modern feel with classical references.

It features strong, white cubic forms with accents of cast in-situ concrete. Contrasting with the smooth, white rendered planes are the roughly textured concrete walls. This play of opposites is also explored in the interior where antiques and soft furnishings are paired against the more brutalist backdrop.

Solids, voids and cantilevers break up the pure form of the house making it more tactile and dynamic. These devices also allow natural light into the interior whilst providing sheltered connections to the garden. The house was designed from the inside-out with well proportioned rooms striking the right balance between function, space and flow.

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