Complement By Contrast - Carthona House

Carthona House turns a modern lens to the extension of a federation home in Mosman, constructing an artisanal and elemental sensibility that speaks to the rituals of Australian living.

Complement By Contrast - Carthona House
Driven by the ambition to create a breathable, light-filled, and well-crafted addition, we sought to balance indoor/outdoor living with a sense of privacy and retreat. The planning decisions resolved around maximising the clients’ lifestyles, maintaining a sense of comfort, ease, and flexibility conducive to family life, while employing a sympathetic approach that respects the historic legacy of the house.

Our exploration in the dualities of form inspired a ‘complement by contrast’ approach between old and new. The traditional qualities of Federation-style frontage are boldly counterbalanced by the striking blackened silhouette of the extension.

The new extension is informed by Brazilian modernist architecture with which the client has a deep connection. Conceived as a crafted lantern, the façades open and close as breathable skins. The building materials are subdued and monochromatic; charred spotted gum, bagged bricks and Colourbond roofing form the main architecture material palette.

Internally, the principal living spaces embrace a warm and relaxed tone. Luxe and hand-crafted materials come together with expressed bagged brick walls and charred timber cladding offset by the crisp articulation of a honed marble and matte lacquered cabinetry.

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