Daniel Boddam Studio & Armadillo - Coast Installation

Sharing a design ethos founded on integrity, sustainability and ethical provenance, Daniel Boddam Studio and Armadillo have unveiled a combined installation of handcrafted furniture and rugs celebrating natural beauty and skilled craftsmanship.

Daniel Boddam Studio & Armadillo - Coast Installation
Following the success of my virtual showroom in Paris, I sought a collaborative platform to showcase my new furniture pieces in real time.

Teaming up with like-minded artisan rug supplier Armadillo, the connection with nature resonates with both brands – we each celebrate the artisanal and harness a slow way of making and being.

Set in Armadillo’s flagship showroom in Sydney, Coast presents two immersive interior settings grounded by Armadillo’s latest range of hand knotted Afghan wool rugs; Odessa. The rugs’ gentle striation of natural sand and eucalypt hues meld seamlessly with my oceanic-inspired forms and natural materials, presenting contemporary living and dining spaces of great sincerity and warmth.

Each piece in this collection is uniquely inspired by elements of the Australian landscape – from rolling waves and pipi clams to the rich colours of the earth. The focus is on creating an Australian vocabulary with international resonance.

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