The Hinterland House

The Hinterland House is a captivating exploration of first design principles embedded in the Australian landscape. Conceived as a sustainable retreat that invites visitors to disconnect from their busy city lives, the kitchen is naturally the heart of the home.

The Hinterland House
The house explores monumental architectural expression that pairs the rudimentary with the refined, with inspiration derived from nature.

Within the kitchen, the rammed earth’s regional colour variations in striking russet tones, create depth and tactility to the house, while the solidity of the material offers effective thermal characteristics. Inspired by water reflections and palm tree bark native to the area, a diamond-shaped, gridded ceiling presents a fine counterbalance, casting ephemeral shadows across the interior.

Anchored by a stone, timber and brass island bench, this generous centrepiece is complemented by the Hinterland Stool; its triangular structure and sculpted seat encouraging relaxed gatherings in an idyllic setting.

Defined by two rammed earth pavilions. the hall welcomes guests with polished concrete underfoot and spectacular glazing overhead. Natural light floods through a diamond timber structure for a unique experience of light.

The Malibu Hall Stand is inspired by the long boards of Byron Bay. It has a triangular, fin like structure, and is available in a variety of custom material options.

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