The Hinterland House

Conceived as a sustainable retreat set in nature that invites visitors to disconnect from their busy lives, the Hinterland House project explores the idea of rest and retreat.

The Hinterland House
The living area offers a sense of calm and ease. The comfortable sofas and chairs nurture and support the body. The Totem Light creates a sense of verticality to the interior and a focal point, whilst the Alhambra Table reflects the geometry of the ceiling, inspired by the reflection of water.

The bedroom evokes a calm and meditative environment. Within, the Booham Bed provides a sense of primitive modernism. The lightness of rattan is balanced against the sturdy sculpted timber bed frame. The side tables and bench seat are from the Malibu range and are inspired by the long boards of Byron Bay. Curved edges with the beauty of sustainably forested timbers make up the bedroom furniture, and the subtle relationships between the elements create a feeling of belonging.

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