Gallery House

Bondi Beach, NSW
Pv Daniel Boddam Bondij 0007

The concept for the Gallery House was to declutter the interiors, paving the way for a calm and tranquil environment that functions as a gallery space for the clients to exhibit their extensive art collection

The clients wanted to create a new addition that gave them more space, natural light and opportunities to display artwork. They also wanted to facilitate indoor outdoor living.

The design ethos of considered simplicity, has been applied to the project, by reducing the furnishings down to what is essential, and decluttering the interior. The new open plan living arrangement enables the kitchen and furnishings to float in space, freeing up the perimeter walls for artwork display. The rear addition is filled with natural light which is permitted through a series of shade canopies, voids and light wells. At different times of the day, the interior shifts in harmony with the sun.

The new sculptural spiral stair connects to the master bedroom, emulating the graceful curves of the piano and creating a sense of lyricism. A new minimalist addition was added to the rear of the two storey Victorian semi, decluttering the interior whilst providing breathing space. The rear is conceived as a gallery; a container of light. The charm of the existing house was preserved whilst a new minimalist addition provides more space, light and connections with nature.

This project encapsulates the studio’s holistic design approach. The exterior and internal environments harmonise and complement each other. The design showcases how a modern intervention can improve and enhance life in a small space.

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