Point Piper

Point Piper, NSW
Point Piper 1

The project draws inspiration from the surrounding nautical environment whilst responding to the existing classical architecture in a modern way.

Luxurious details, materials and finishes draw on marine references. Boat decking was used for the floor to the master bedroom and ensuite. The main bathroom uses large slabs of stone, a glossy metal ceiling and nautical light fittings.

Main focal points such as the kitchen, fireplace and stairs draw on classical references. The main kitchen cabinetry was designed to be neutral, whilst the island, a contemporary take on the butcher’s block made from timber boarding that has a raised stone surround to the wet area, is perceived as a piece of furniture that floats in the room. The fireplace surround was redesigned with a simplified bronze hearth and contemporary timber breast. The staircase was streamlined to accentuate its beautiful curves by replacing the rubble spine wall and ornate handrail with solid stucco, matching the existing walls.

The project successfully demonstrates that modern design can be responsive to both the site and the existing architecture through subtlety and refinement.

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