Mosman, NSW
Methuen Front

The client brief was for the house to feel like a tropical holiday; a resort full of natural light, a reprieve from the daily grind. In the spirit of the arts and crafts movement the design explores, through materiality and detail, a modern and contextual approach to design; one that is site specific and client centric. The existing house and typical building typology in the street is the Californian bungalow.

The design is a modern interpretation of the bungalow and has been appropriately sited and scaled to fit in with the built environment. The idea of 'horizontality' is expressed in the three distinct layers of the building; the upper level comprising two crafted timber pavilions, rendered masonry mid-level and the stone lower level that forms the podium. Modulations occur between the materials, creating opportunities for shadow and relief.

Natural light enters the building in surprising ways. A single beam of northern light to the stairs marks the passage of time, whilst the southern skylight allows for a softer light source. External, motorized timber venetian blinds allow complete control over light whilst internal sheer curtains diffuse light. This project encapsulates the studio's holistic design approach. The exterior and internal environment have been set in harmony.

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