Coast - An Installation That Celebrates The Artisanal

As lockdown restrictions continue in Sydney, we’re excited to preview an exciting installation we've been creating with our friends at Armadillo.

Coast - An Installation That Celebrates The Artisanal
Showcasing our latest furniture pieces, ‘Coast’ presents two immersive interior settings located within Armadillo's flagship Sydney showroom. Being invited to transform the Armadillo showroom as a platform for our new collection is a wonderful honour. Armadillo shares our affinity with nature and slow way of making and being.

Due to current circumstances, we will be sharing our installation via digital platforms over the coming month. We hope you enjoy this exploration of our natural environment; how it inspires design and invigorates the senses.

The installation comprises several furniture pieces including the new Pipi Coffee Table and Portsea Side Table, and Wave Sofa and Chair. Each design speaks with a timeless vocabulary – an unmistakably Australian dialogue of casual ease and wellbeing achieved through design.
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