Introducing The Geo Collection

Uniting refined, contemporary design with a rawness of materiality, ‘Geo’ is a collection of distinctive dining, hall, side and coffee tables.

An unconventional application of ‘rammed concrete’ defines my latest furniture collection - Geo.

Introducing The Geo Collection

Inspired by the raw yet robust Australian landscape, my intention was to develop the range with materials not typically associated with furniture or interior design.

Using a time-honoured boat-building technique to construct the mould, concrete and natural pigments are mixed as a dry slurry, hand-poured and pressed to achieve the desired result.

The simplicity of this rugged outcome is celebrated in the Geo Drum, while for other tables in the collection, it forms sedimentary legs, anchoring a honed timber or glass tabletop with quiet elegance, juxtaposing the rudimentary with the refined.

The Geo Collection is made to order by local artisans and is available globally through my Studio.

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