Limited Edition — Celeste Sconce in Spalted Beech

Building on our commitment to celebrating the unique allure and natural essence of timber, Daniel Boddam Studio is collaborating with Bird and Branch Turnery Co. to produce an exclusive, limited-edition collection of Celeste Sconces.

Limited Edition — Celeste Sconce in Spalted Beech
The Celeste Sconce is meticulously handcrafted using Spalted Beech, a unique timber known for its captivating, marbled look which occurs over a span of 3-4 years as fungi delicately transform fallen trees.

Bird & Branch Turnery Co. is run by husband and wife team Adam and Mercedes from their London based workshop where they combine the traditional craft of woodturning with a modern design language.

Crafted from a single, solid piece of wood, the pieces showcase the seamless continuity of grain, establishing a direct visual connection with the tree itself

Sourced directly from Europe, the timber is imbued with striking patterns by the natural process of the fungi.

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