Explore Hinterland House – A Vehicle for Experimentation

Continuing a long history of speculative projects as vehicles for experimentation, I’m pleased to introduce my latest virtual concept, the Hinterland House - a captivating exploration of first design principles, embedded in the Australian landscape.

Explore Hinterland House – A Vehicle for Experimentation
Set in remote Byron Bay, Hinterland House is designed as an idyllic, sustainable retreat that invites visitors to disconnect from their busy, city lives. In the spirit of the early modernist movement, the theoretical project is a medium for creative exploration across architecture, interiors, landscape, furniture, lighting, and artwork, presenting a holistic conceptual vision of creative imaginings.

Among a selection of the studio’s existing furniture collections, the house marks the launch of several new pieces including the Leaf Collection, Totem Light, Alhambra Table, and an extension to the much-loved Booham chair – the Booham bed, easy chairs and sofa.

The virtual house interrogates the possibilities of rural living, addressing a collective desire for places of retreat and wellness. It is an explorative pursuit, testing foundational design principles away from client and budgetary constraints. As in nature, Hinterland House allows for a diversity of expressions within a unified whole. It is a home closely tethered to place, to rest and reset.

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